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Looking to add some extra oomph to your lashes? Chile will give you the dramatic look you crave! Our false lashes are made of high-quality synthetic fibers that are expertly crafted to resemble real hair. They are light and comfortable to wear, and their delicate design means they blend in seamlessly with your natural lashes. Whether you’re looking for a subtle enhancement or a full-on glam look, Chile has the perfect style of false lashes for you.


- Cruelty-Free

- Premium Silk Lashes


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Patricia marson


Elizabeth Arnell
Amazing AMAZING!!

Such great quality of lashes! Best I’ve used and the lash adhesive liner is my new favorite! I love how well my lashes stay on with it, and no messy glue.

Sharon Alegria
I love Gissmar beauty

I reviewed these like two weeks ago and I love these lashes they are beautiful I really loved the style Chile they where so pretty and didn’t bother my eyes at all. They where easy to apply and I loved the name so much. My only complaint is when I was removing my lash one lash ripped right down the middle I was sad because idk if it was my lash glue or the lash that ripped it but maybe it was how hard I pulled on the lash off. But I love these lashes so much I can’t wait to review the rest of these Items I received.

Charine Hastings

Lashes was beautiful . But was too dramatic for me next time I’ll order more natural lashes

Ashlon G.

These lashes + the adhesive pen are an amazing combo my lashes stayed on for 16 hours before I went to sleep 100/10



It doesn’t feel like you have a lipstick on and it’s so pigmented that you don’t need a lot. It also stays in place! I just had a chicken fried steak in that photo and look how beautiful that red lipstick still is! It’s super cheap and the lipstick colors are all beautiful.

literally in love!

These lashes are some of the nicest I've ever bought- very soft, durable, and natural looking. I appreciate that they don't look too fakey and obvious, though they definitely make my eyes pop.

Love this eyeliner adhesive!

BESTTTTT LASHES IVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFEEEE!!! I don’t think i’ll ever use any others....i’ve tried soooo many and none will ever come close to how much i love these! If you’re hesitating, GET THEM trust me you’ll love them!

- Best lashes ever

I was skeptical. I've tried so many magnetic lashes. Then tried the Ardell magnetic liner in a pot. It was so messy trying to take it off. I saw this Magic Eyeliner from gissmar decided to buy it to try. I love it!! This liner actually adheres to the false lashes! Its amazing! It holds well too! Went out on a windy day and they didn't budge! Wasn't messy taking it off!!

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